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Sewage Pumping Chambers

PH Pumps sewage pumping chambers are the low-cost easy solution for pumping away sewage and waste water.

You can choose from a basic, simple package pumping station for an annex or a mobile home to a full specification sewage pumping chamber for a major construction project, which complies with all building and water authority regulations.

If you are not sure what you need, we’ll advise on the best sewage pumping chamber for your application.

Typical Applications

Individual Houses, Small Housing Estates, Industrial Estates, Hotels, Country Clubs, Caravan and Camping Sites situated below main sewer level.

Factory Built And Ready To Install

Packaged tank includes pump, cable, internal pipework, valves,
control panel, level controls and outlet connections.

Please call Paul or Mark on 01359 244444 or email info@phpumps.com for a quote or information.


Sewage Pumping Chamber