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Educational Applications

Our expertise enables us to suggest and provide solutions which stretch the accepted bounds of normal fluid handling.

We are particularly pleased to be involved with the impressive facilities of the Sorby Environmental Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (SEFDL) based in Leeds. SEFDL is one of the leading environmental fluid dynamics laboratories in Europe and is amongst the best equipped laboratories of its type globally.

Professor Jeff Peakall, director of the facility, states:
'Over the past 15 years we have worked closely with Paul Holmes to supply all our pumping and fluid control requirements, ranging from support of existing infrastructure through to innovative bespoke solutions to complex scientific problems.

PH Pumps have always provided an incredibly high level of service, and have provided innovative, robust solutions. Such bespoke solutions require a very high level of technical expertise, considerable lateral thinking, and the faith to attempt to push the boundaries with novel solutions.

Such a combination is extremely hard to find, and in part through other Universities approaching SEFDL to find out who we work with, PH Pumps now work for many environmental and engineering fluid dynamics laboratories across the UK.'

Please call Paul or Mark on 01359 244444 or email info@phpumps.com for a quote or information.



One of the pumps at SEFDL which is capable of handling fluids containing up to 60% china clay at flowrates of up to 90 litres per second. In addition to its fluid handling characteristics, noise and vibration are minimal, a vital consideration when working close to sensitive laboratory equipment.