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CNP Approved Distributor of CNP Pumps


email info@phpumps.com
Tel: 01359 244 444


"PH Pumps have become invaluable in solving problems connected with, and ongoing care and maintenance of, pump equipment at the sites of several borehole water sources scattered across this Estate. And when we were faced with a major incident during the winter (over Christmas, actually) Paul showed dedication and helpfulness way beyond the call of duty - a true lifesaver!"
(Deborah Baker, Euston Estates)


"Here at Quorn Foods we always receive a prompt response to our queries from PH Pumps together with an efficient maintenance service".
(Richard Fathers, Premier Food Group)


"At Britvic Soft Drinks Ltd most of our sites run 24/7 putting a huge demand on pumps in various different processes. Paul Holmes's knowledge of his products and our processes and his speed of service has been invaluable to us for more years than I care to remember".
(Richard Thorpe, engineer: Britvic Soft Drinks Ltd)


"PH Pumps have looked after our 3 pumping stations at Claas for many years, I cannot think of anything to complain about, they do the business".
(Claas UK Ltd)

"Paul Holmes may be old & grey - but PH Pumps are still ok"!
Martin Baker Contract Trenching


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